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"This must be the ultimate Multiplayer Battle Mode Game out there"
     -Random NPC from Pixel Beef Battle

Pixel Beef Battle is a modern couch-coop- and PvP multiplayer game inspired by classic Plattformer of the Super Nintendo Era. You play together or against each other, mastering the the always increasing difficulty and unlocking new character. Use your Skills and Power-Ups to beat as much enemies as possible and collect diamonds to level up.

  • slime king brings you back to the 90s and delivers the exciting couch coop multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. 
  • Pixel Beef Battle also has a 4 player PvP mode
  • High detailed Pixelart visuals
  • 10 weird but loveable characters to unlock
  • Detailed statistics of your playstyle with a special ranking
  • All menus are playable and evolve over the time
  • action packed soundtrack from indie game composer Robert Kilpatrick.
  • all future updates are for free

Get The Game Here: