This is the PressKit for Slime King Games Pixel Beef Battle. Here you will find screenshots, videos, facts, artwork and music of the game. 
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Fact Sheet:

Developer: Slime King Games; based in Hamburg, Germany

Release Date: April 21st  2018 (Windows)

Plattforms: Windows (Steam;


Availability: Digital Download

File Size: ~80mb

Press Contact:

Social: Twitter , facebook

Pixel Beef Battle is a modern couch-coop- and PvP multiplayer game inspired by classic Plattformers of the Super Nintendo Era. You can play as a team or against each other, master the steadily increasing difficulty and unlocking new characters. Use your Skills and Power-Ups to beat as many enemies as possible and collect diamonds to level up.

-1-4 Player Couch Coop Multiplayer 
-2-4 Player Couch PvP Multiplayer
-10 Unlockable Characters
-Level Result Statistics 
-Playable Main Menu Evolves Over Play Time

-Key Artwork by Schmoedraws 
-Soundtrack by Robert Kilpatrick

Focused on Couch Coop
Pixel Beef Battle was designed to be a Couch Coop Game because we think that this sort of Games still are the most fun. As a team with some friends or against each other, it's up to your and your friends play-style. 

Slime King Games is an independent game developer founded in 2016 by Johannes Grünewald. The Studio worked together with awesome artists like Schmoedraws and Robert Kilpatrick to create games they like themselves.